Andrew and his family have just begun a new phase at Fourth Baptist Christian School in Plymouth, Minnesota. He will be Assistant School Administrator with specific responsibilities in the elementary grades.

He started as a math teacher at Oconomowoc High School for 3 years and moved to Connersville High School for 1 year. He landed at Bible Baptist Christian School and was the JH/SH math teacher for 10 years. God put into his heart the desire to become a school leader, and that was realized at Schaumburg Christian School, where Andrew was a Dean of Students for 1 year and elementary principal for 4 years. He was also the director of Schaumburg Christian Day Camp for 3 years.

His desire in life was molded while in 8th grade: “I have wanted my life to make a difference ever since my science teacher got in my face and said “Andy, if you don’t straighten up, you’re gonna make a mess of your life!” Since that conversation, Andrew wanted to be in a position of mattering. When he finally looked at things from God’s perspective, education was the only field that made sense. Andrew wants his life’s work to make a difference – a lasting difference.